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Homeless Youth: A Concept Analysis (2011)

Philisie Starling Washington

Search Terms: homeless youths, contributing factors, meaning of term

Summary: A variety of terms have been used to describe the homeless youth population. The purpose of this article is to analyze the conceptual meanings of the term homeless youths by examining the evolution of the concept and its related terms in the current literature. Method. Online databases from 1990-2010 were analyzed using the Rodgers evolutionary approach. The 6 attributes relating to homeless youth were physical location, age, health, behavior, choice, and survival. The analysis provided insight and clarification of homeless youth from a variety of related terms in the literature

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Service Utilization Among Homeless and Runaway Youth in Los Angeles, California: Rates and Reasons (1999)

De Rosa CJ, Montgomery SB, Kipke MD, Iverson E, Ma JL, Unger JB.

Search Terms: homeless youths, service patterns, drop-in centers, service utilization, runaway youth, Los Angeles

Summary: This article describes service utilization patterns of homeless and runaway youth in a “service-rich” area of Los Angeles, California; identify demographic and other correlates of utilization; and contextualize the findings with qualitative data. Because shelters and drop-in centers act as gateways to other services and offer intervention potential for these hard-to-reach youth, it is vital that we understand the perceived barriers to service utilization

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Homeless Adolescents: Common Clinical Concerns (2003)

Jennifer Feldmann, MD and, Amy B. Middleman, MD, MPH, MSED

Search Terms: homeless youths, physical problems, psychological problems, sexually transmitted infections

Summary: Homeless youth are at alarmingly high risk for a myriad of physical and psychological problems as a result of both the circumstances that predated their homelessness, and as a direct consequence of life on the streets. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy, trauma, tuberculosis, uncontrolled asthma, and dermatologic infestations are a few of the health problems with which these youth commonly present. Providers need to be the voices advocating for improved services for this disadvantaged and silent population.

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Homeless and Runaway Youths’ Access to Health Care (2010)

JD Klein, AH Woods, KM Wilson, M Prospero, J Greene and C Ringwalt

Search Terms: homeless youths, health systems, emergency care, street youth

Summary: This article describes the use of health services and self-reported access to regular and emergency care by homeless adolescents and street youth. Finding include significant numbers of homeless youth did not have a regular source of health care. Those who had a regular source of care were more likely to have continuity between routine and emergency care. Integration of health services with other agencies serving youth in shelters or on the street may improve access to care for those without a routine source of care and provide better continuity for these high-risk youth.

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