Rapid Re-Housing for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

This paper, part of a series, emerged from the National Alliance to End Homelessness Practice Knowledge Project. Rapid re-housing is an intervention that helps people who are homeless quickly return to permanent housing. The intervention has been widely used to end homelessness for adults, including both individuals and families. This report examines lessons learned from providers implementing rapid re-housing to help youth escape homelessness. 1. Rapid re-housing for youth requires purposefully embracing a client-driven, Housing First philosophy. Landlord engagement is crucial to implementing a successful rapid re-housing for youth program. 2. Rapid re-housing can work for youth, but it will need to be a little different from an adult rapid re-housing model. 3. Getting the services right is key for youth success in rapid re-housing. 4. Rapid re-housing for youth requires flexibility—in case management style, in funding, and in outcome measures. To Read More Click Here.