WIN TikTok Competition at Safe Place for Youth- WINNERS!

Tik Tok  “Use WIN” Glowup Video Winners – August 2019


Team WIN ( Relly Brown, far left and Perla Esperanza far right) with Safe Place for Youth First Place Winners!

On August 21st, @Team WIN was proud to announce the winners of the #WINapp #GlowUp TikTok competition! Ten youth ages 20-26 submitted personal video about how the WIN app can help someone who is homeless. These were uploaded to OCLA’s WIN What I Need Tik Tok page in late July. On August 21st, the WIN Team awarded prizes to the youth whose videos received the most likes and views. Erin (@for3v3rstrong) wrote and recited a fantastic rap/rhyme – WIN is a Seed. Her her fellow 1st place winner, an experienced social media and TikTok member, submitted a cute short that you should see!