Introducing TEAM WIN

OCLA is proud to introduce the members of our Social Media team- TEAM WIN! Since early 2019, Daryll “Relly” Brown and Perla Espinoza have been learning how to use social media and other outreach tools to raise community awareness about the WIN app. Under the guidance of marketing and social media consultant, Tony Rodriguez, Relly and Perla have been posting to Twitter and Facebook, speaking at public presentations about the WIN app alongside OCLA/WIN founder Denise McCain-Tharnstrom, and distributing flyers on streets and colleges campuses to raise awareness about the usefulness of WIN.

Relly and Perla came to OCLA from Safe Place for Youth, a local dropin center for homeless youth based in Venice and have lived experience of  homelessness and daily struggles for resources. Neither Relly nor Perla were familiar with Twitter and rarely if ever used Facebook prior to beginning their internships with OCLA. Follow Relly and Perla on Twitter at #WINApp and #TeamWIN, check out their Facebook posts and look for them to launch OCLA’s Instagram page in early Fall!