2015 Directory of Services for Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

The 2015 Directory of Services for Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

About the Directory: The 2015 Directory of Services connects unaccompanied homeless youth aged 12-25 to essential services that they can access without a referral. Over half of unaccompanied youth do not use available services. Many educators, librarians and others who regularly encounter homeless youth in their work are unaware of the many regional resources available to assist these youth. Through the Directory, Our Children LA seeks to break down a major barrier to access, lack of information. This resource can be a useful tool to help at-risk youth improve their short-term living conditions and pursue long-term strategies for successfully transitioning into adulthood.

The Directory encompasses an array of supportive services in the Los Angeles area. Print copies are available for use at regional public libraries and online pdf copies of the Directory are available on this site as well as on the websites of the LA City Public Library, LA County Public Library and LA County Office of Education. The Directory is complemented by an expanded virtual resource guide delivered through the WIN mobile app. It offers homeless youth diverse options and the flexibility they need to make positive, meaningful choices.

Who should use the Directory? Nonprofit directors, outreach workers, educators, health care professionals, librarians, attorneys, volunteers and other advocates of homeless youth can use the Directory to educate themselves on available resources. Meeting a person seeking help with compassion and knowledge amplifies the impact of local service providers and is a crucial step towards eradicating the stigma of youth homelessness.

The Directory is also available to all Los Angeles youth experiencing homelessness, unstable housing or any other form of resource insecurity. The resources found in the Directory and in WIN are intended to empower unaccompanied youth to make informed decisions about their futures and to support their efforts to secure appropriate food, lodging, medical care, job training and emotional support.

What will I find in the Directory? Since 2012 the Directory has been a trusted, accessible and comprehensive guide to Los Angeles services. It lists each service provider’s programs, physical location, hours, languages spoken and contact information and includes the following:

*Hotlines   * Drop-in Centers   * Meals   * Short-term shelter  * Transitional housing *Suicide prevention   * Drug counseling   * Therapy   * Rape/sexual assault hotlines *Healthcare (general, dental, vison and emergency care)   *Legal Assistance   *Education *Job training   and *Job placement

Is the 2015 Directory current? Every effort is made to ensure that the print version of the Directory is current at the time of publication. The WIN mobile application database will be updated more regularly. The pdf version available here reflects recent changes in service provider details and is current as of June 24, 2015.

2015 Directory

The 2015 Directory of Services for Homeless Youth in Los Angeles

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Directory Updates

If you have the print copy of the 2015 Directory of Services for Homeless Youth in Los Angeles, please download the most recent updates below:

June 2015

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